[GRASS-user] Problems with v.in.ogr importing shp files

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 9 01:43:00 EDT 2009

Ferruccio Sarra wrote:
> I'm working on a 64bit pc with Ubuntu 9.04 and  no package for this
> configuration is available there.
> I compiled a Grass 6.5 from source but really don't know on
> how to compile a more recent version of gdal and even don't
> know exactly wich libraries have to be updated.

I would suggest to rebuilt from source the DebianGIS packages found in

search the web for instructions on how to use "debuild", and see the
instructions for GRASS in the grass SVN source code debian/ dir.

> Some useful suggestion on what to do to make v.in.ogr work
> correctly with shp files?

well, it's really a matter of getting v.in.ogr to work at all!

after rebuilding and reinstalling GDAL you will want to 'make distclean'
and rebuild GRASS completely too.



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