[GRASS-user] Problem with wxGUI.Nviz extension and wxGUI.Vector_Digitizing_Tool

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 09:17:15 EDT 2009


2009/7/10 Tomáš Zigo <tomas.zigo at slovanet.sk>:
>> > Swig vers.: swig 1.3.39-1
>> yes, this know issue. The bug is related to the recent swig version.
>> Here on Debian GNU/Linux with swig 1.3.36 it works.
> I am downgrading to swig version 1.3.36-1 and recompiling grass
> and wxGUI.Nviz extension, wxGUI.Vector_Digitizing_Tool is working
> correctly now. Thanks for tip.

OK, anyway wxGUI extensions need to be fixed to work properly also
with thhe newer versions of swig.

> But I am having problem with editing vector attribute (for example, when
> I am adding (v.db.addcol), renaming (v.db.renamecol), dropping
> (v.db.dropcol) column and I am receiving error message (g.gui tcltk):

Do you use wxGUI attribute manager for that or you are calling the
commands for CLI?

> In g.gui wxpython error message (wxGUI.Attribute_Table_Manager) (when
> I am trying rename column): Execution failed: 'v.db.renamecol
> map=Vrstevnice at PERMANENT layer=1 column=level,Nadm_vyska'
> Details:
> Error: There is no table connected to the input vector map! Cannot
> rename any column.

And your current mapset is PERMANENT? Note that you can modify only
data from the current mapset. Probably this should be check and
related widgets disabled in wxGUI Attribute Manager.


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