[GRASS-user] Re: Building topologically correct stream network

Jarek Jasiewicz jarekj at amu.edu.pl
Tue Jul 21 12:19:30 EDT 2009


maybe this will help:


it require another gis program but gives great results!


Margherita Di Leo pisze:
> Hi Stephen,
> I actually am fighting against almost the same problem, so let's do it 
> together :)
> I found that r.strahler.sh works well to delineate streams and correct 
> topology, (I use a treshold of 1km^2, it works well but don't ask me 
> why :) ), but (in my little experience) does not work to order 
> streams, so I must run v.strahler after r.strahler.sh.
> I know it's a very small hint but hope this helps.
> Best
> margherita
> I have a low relief area in the costal plain of georgia that I am 
> trying to produce a topologically correct stream network. There are 
> many breaks in the flow accumulation grid and I would like to 
> delineate the streams and "correct" the topology after r.thin and 
> r.to.vect have been preformed so that I can then use v.strahler to 
> order the streams. Thanks for any help and I will provide and data 
> that would be helpful. thanks,
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> about things that are so little or so large that all they really do 
> for us is puff us up and make us feel like gods. We are mammals, and 
> have not exhausted the annoying little problems of being mammals. -K. 
> Mullis

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