[GRASS-user] Re: Problems with HIS conversion

Georg Kaspar georg at muenster.de
Wed Jul 29 05:51:34 EDT 2009

Georg Kaspar schrieb:
> ok, I just found out that the data is stored using more than 1 byte:
> r.info -r szene1_mul.1
> min=0
> max=2047
> how can I convert it to a range of [0,255]?
> r.mapcalc "szene1_mul_1byte.1 = 255*(szene1_mul.1/2047)"
> would that be appropriate? I'll give it a shot ;)

ok, it worked using r.rescale.eq, but unfortunately the results of the
his conversion still look grey...
Is this a known bug? I wouldn't install RC5 unless I have to, since
there are no binaries at the moment...

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