[GRASS-user] error: Incompatible library version for module. You need to rebuild GRASS or untangle multiple installations.

Nikos Alexandris nikos.alexandris at felis.uni-freiburg.de
Wed Jul 29 08:15:42 EDT 2009

Nikos Alexandris:

> > Hi dev's and advanced useRs,
> >
> > I have seen this message for the X-th time now :-( while trying to load
> > (anything) data using readRAST6 or readVECT6.
> >
> > I've rebuild grass-6.4.0svn 2-3 times now. I've re-installed R 2-3 times
> > as well. Not to mention how many attempts to get "spgrass6".
> >
> > Which is the "incompatible library" and to which "module" does it refer
> > to? Is this an R error or a grass error? Any help is *higly*
> > appreciated.

Maris Nartiss wrote:

> In two words - You are running module compiled for different GRASS
> version than one You are running. Recompile affected module OR, if You
> have multiple GRASS installations, fix Your  LD_LIBRARY_PATH paths.

Thanks Maris, I am learning continuously ;-)

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