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Mon Jun 8 04:43:24 EDT 2009

In fact I have create two folder nlocation and nmapset in the hiberarchy of
(nlocation/nmapset),then I start the grass with the gui ,I got the error
messgae that I am mot clear?....

1) I want to know the relation of the grassrc file and the  contere location
or mapset ? Which should be created frist?
2) If I do my process in the gui ,then should I do the g.region process?
3) Some data which can be displayed in the grass gui can not exported
perfectly,most of them contains only black blank after exproted.....

2009/6/8 Mathieu De Maeyer <mathieu.de.maeyer at ulb.ac.be>

> Hello,
> First, you need to create a location (according to the file you want to
> import). You can create your sector manually or using a georeferenced file
> or using a EPSG code.
> Then, you can import this file in your newly created location (r.in.gdal if
> it is a .tiff).
> Then, before any raster operation (all r.* modules), you have to define
> correctly the region (using g.region). The region has a extension and a
> resolution. You can define your region manually or using any file : in your
> case, you should use your .tiff (e.g. , g.region rast=my_tiff_file). See
> manual for more info.
> After setting correctly the region, you can use any raster module (e.g.
> r.buffer).
> good luck
> m.
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