[GRASS-user] Can I just get rid of Wish?

Michael Margolis mmargoli at gettysburg.edu
Tue Jun 9 15:34:56 EDT 2009

My OS version is 10.5.7.  I don't know how to tell for sure if I got the
right build, but I think so. I followed the link entitled MacOSX from
http://grass.itc.it/download/index.php, and after installing some frameworks
went on to http://www.kyngchaos.com/software:grass/. I recall going over to
the Apple site to find out whether I was Leopard or Tiger, so I probably got
that right.

Just today I installed a new Python 2.6.2, which seemed to make no


On 6/9/09 3:14 PM, "William Kyngesburye" <woklist at kyngchaos.com> wrote:

> On Jun 9, 2009, at 1:45 PM, Michael Margolis wrote:
>> Progress!
>> For any other novices lurking, that /.grassrc6 was in my root (i.e.,
>> Users/MyName).
> That's what the tilde '~' refers to, your home folder.
>> I had been misled by a /.grassrc64 in a directory called
>> "demolocation" a few layers inside my system Library.
> That's probably in the modbuild folder.  Yes, you can ignore this one.
>> Unfortunately, it still can't handle window resizing, even as the
>> first
>> thing done after opening the GUI. The program stops recognizing
>> input and
>> must be Force Quit.
>> Also, the GUI won't launch at startup. I get:
>> Starting GRASS ...
>> Traceback (most recent call last):
>>  File "/Applications/GRASS-6.4.app/Contents/MacOS/etc/wxpython/
>> gis_set.py",
>> line 33, in <module>
>>    from gui_modules import globalvar
>>  File
>> "/Applications/GRASS-6.4.app/Contents/MacOS/etc/wxpython/gui_modules/
>> globalv
>> ar.py", line 54, in <module>
>>    CheckForWx()
>>  File
>> "/Applications/GRASS-6.4.app/Contents/MacOS/etc/wxpython/gui_modules/
>> globalv
>> ar.py", line 44, in CheckForWx
>>    except (ImportError, ValueError, wxversion.VersionError), e:
>> UnboundLocalError: local variable 'wxversion' referenced before
>> assignment
>> Error in GUI startup. If necessary, please
>> report this error to the GRASS developers.
>> Switching to text mode now.
>> Hit RETURN to continue...
> Hmmm, what OSX version?  Did you install the GRASS build matching your
> system version? Which GRASS installer version (ie: is it the latest
> rc4-1)?  If OSX Leopard (10.5), did you install Python (it's OK not
> to, since the system Python is reasonably recent).
> I have seen problems getting the GUI to start automatically vs
> starting it manually with g.gui, though the wxpython GUI seems to work
> now on startup.
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