[GRASS-user] Exporting GRASS contours to AutoCAD Map3D?

Florian Mueller icephase26 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 05:37:24 EDT 2009


Some time ago I have imported elevation contour lines into Autocad
from GRASS using the module "v.out.dxf" which generates a DXF file
(readable by Autocad). It worked quite well except that I had to add
the elevation value as a contour line parameter in the DXF file. You
need this if you want to get the z-Value (elevation) when clicking on
a contour line in an Autocad worksheet. For this feature a break up
the source code of v.out.dxf but it was no big deal.

> The other way, when we are getting very serious about a property and
> planning house locations etc, would be to get a GPS data logger, strap it to
> the top of a remote control toy truck, and do a survey.

That's a cool idea using a R/C truck but is the relative/absolute
accuracy sufficient for your needs? Do you want to use GPS or
differential GPS? For high resolution digital elevation models (1-3 m
horiz. res.) you can use stereo satellite images Quickbird/IKONOS or
even stereo oblique photographs? But this maybe also a question of
money :-).


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