[GRASS-user] Exporting GRASS contours to AutoCAD Map3D?

Crimson Apostle crimson.apostle at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 20:27:56 EDT 2009


I am fairly new into GIS, have had DeLorme Xmap for a while but am moving

I am looking for property in the countryside, and find the typical 20 or 30'
resolution of contour lines that seem to be the default from USGS or
whomever supplies them to be not good enough.  I would love to be able to
buy better contour resolution.  But I am guessing one cannot that easily.

The other way, when we are getting very serious about a property and
planning house locations etc, would be to get a GPS data logger, strap it to
the top of a remote control toy truck, and do a survey.  I am sure that
somehow I can figure out how to get GRASS to import the data and create much
better contours.  But would I then be able to export it to AutoCAD 2010
Map3D?  Not sure if that is done/doable.

Any pointers would be most welcome; thanks in advance.tle

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