[GRASS-user] V.kernel

Richard Chirgwin rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Tue Jun 16 05:09:10 EDT 2009


I'll give it a try ... of course, starting by converting the points vector to a
raster, and converting my vector coastline to a raster for the mask. So we would
have as the process:

v.to.rast pointfile output=point_as_rast type=point
g.region res=10000
v.to.rast coastline output=rast_coastline type=area
r.mask rast_coastline
r.stats point_as_rast -c

We'll see how that goes ...


Hamish wrote:
> Richard wrote:
>> how many 10 km grid squares exist in Australia? 
> ...
>> I suppose if I use a non-lat-long location, with resolution
>> at 1m, it's easy to step a script by 10000 metres each iteration...
> using a meter-based map projection (appropriate choice of which is left
> as an exercise to the geodisist) set 'g.region res=10000' and create a
> land_mask from a coastline of the country. then 'r.stats land_mask -c'
> ?
> Hamish

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