[GRASS-user] v.out.ogr to KML ERROR 1: Latitude is invalide

Micha Silver micha at arava.co.il
Mon Jun 22 02:01:43 EDT 2009

maven apache wrote:

> Thanks Micha for his help!
> Following his advise, I install the qgis,and the grass plugin and 
> create new location(epsg4326),and reproj my vector map to this 
> proj,then export it to kml successfully,however when add the kml to 
> googlearth I found the layer doesnot match the tiff,the annex can give 
> a clear explaination.
> The reason I export the map to kml and add it to googlearth is to make 
> a thecmatic map by their areas(I have five vector maps),also I found 
> the d.vect.thecmatic is to make this kind of map ,however I did not 
> sure the "column" parameter,I wonder this commond is useful for my goal?\
Yes it is. Reading the manual you will see:

    Name of attribute column to use for thematic display (must be numeric)

So the column you set will be used to separate the different areas by 
color. (Note the "must be numeric" part).
But I don't understand the "five vector maps".  Normally you would use 
d.vect.thematic if you have 5 categories in *one* vector map. Then 
setting i.e. column=cat would color each different cat value a different 
color. If the areas are already in separate vectors, then can't you just 
color each vector differently in the google earth display?

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