[GRASS-user] v.out.ogr to KML ERROR 1: Latitude is invalide

maven apache apachemaven0 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 02:18:50 EDT 2009

2009/6/22 Micha Silver <micha at arava.co.il>

> maven apache wrote:
>  Thanks Micha for his help!
>> Following his advise, I install the qgis,and the grass plugin and create
>> new location(epsg4326),and reproj my vector map to this proj,then export it
>> to kml successfully,however when add the kml to googlearth I found the layer
>> doesnot match the tiff,the annex can give a clear explaination.
>> The reason I export the map to kml and add it to googlearth is to make a
>> thecmatic map by their areas(I have five vector maps),also I found the
>> d.vect.thecmatic is to make this kind of map ,however I did not sure the
>> "column" parameter,I wonder this commond is useful for my goal?\
> Yes it is. Reading the manual you will see:
> column=string
>   Name of attribute column to use for thematic display (must be numeric)
> So the column you set will be used to separate the different areas by
> color. (Note the "must be numeric" part).
> But I don't understand the "five vector maps".

I did have five vector layer each of which have only one categories,Actually
I got the five vector from the commond "v.extract......";

>  Normally you would use d.vect.thematic if you have 5 categories in *one*
> vector map. Then setting i.e. column=cat would color each different cat
> value a different color.

Where is the generated thematic map,in the display?

> If the areas are already in separate vectors, then can't you just color
> each vector differently in the google earth display?
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