Benjamin Ducke benjamin.ducke at oxfordarch.co.uk
Sun Mar 1 16:28:43 EST 2009

That would be simply great!

With SpatiaLite support evolving in GRASS, QGIS and (perhaps)
gvSIG, there would finally be a sane way for direct exchange
of vector data between open source GIS without crippling it 
by going through abominations like Shapefiles.


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> The SQLite support in GRASS concerns the attribute management, not
> geometries. To access geometries in a SpatiaLite, you have to go through
> v.external.

Last Friday I met the SpatiaLite developer at the Italian GRASS/GFOSS
meeting (http://gfoss2009.crs4.it/) which was a great conference btw.

He is interested in linking GRASS and SpatiaLite, so maybe later
this year new features are added to put GRASS vector and also
raster data into SpatiaLite.

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