[GRASS-user] r.contour / wxpython

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 03:03:25 EST 2009


2009/3/1 M S <mseibel at gmail.com>:
> I just started using the python interface with GRASS (6.3), where I have
> typically used the older interface.
> I ran r.contour.  I wanted to re-run it, but change the input/output names.
> I noticed two things, and was wondering if they are intentional.  This
> behavior was not present in the previous GUI.
> 1)  After running r.contour, the "run" button is grayed out, and wont
> re-activate unless I close and re-open r.contour
> 2) looking at the command, "--overwrite" is set by default, even though in
> the options it is not checked off.  If I check it and uncheck it, the
> overwrite option then goes away.
> Perhaps this is fixed in a subsequent release?

please use more recent version of wxGUI, ideally GRASS 6.4.0. The
problems your are reporting are probably fixed in this version.


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