[GRASS-user] How to make a conversion of ERSI Grid ASCII==>USGS DEM?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 2 04:48:18 EST 2009

> > Illidan wrote:
> >> I wonder if my data is not valid,
> >
> > does it look ok in grass after import with r.in.arc?
> After an r.in.arc, I'm able to open it in GRASS.
> However, when I add a raster layer for it and perform "Display active
> layers" in Map Display 1, Map Display 1 is just blank.
> When I place the mouse over Map Display 1, it displays a kind of (X, Y)
> on  mini status bar on the the left bottom of the window.
> When I try to view its profile by "create profile of raster map", it
> returns 0 after I draw a transect.If I "query" a point, it replies
> with sth. like "638510.228216|220781.556017||*".
> I'm only successful with a "measure" that
> returns a valid distance.
> So I guess it's just invalid.

hmmm, everything seems to work in GRASS here. you need to set type=CELL
with r.in.arc.

1) download and unzip .arc file from srtm.csi.cgiar.org
2) start grass in a lat/lon wgs84 location
3) r.in.arc in=/tmp/srtm_23_16.asc type=CELL out=srtm_23_16
4) r.colors srtm_23_16 color=srtm
5) g.region rast=srtm_23_16
6) d.mon x0; d.rast srtm_23_16

gdal_translate -of USGSDEM srtm_23_16.asc srtm_23_16.dem

worked ok as well.



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