[GRASS-user] How update vector layers?

Thybério Luna Freire thyberio at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 19:38:10 EST 2009

I have a location with sugarcane areas. They are in a vector layer and each
area have a line in a table in a pg database. There are new areas being
planted in the farm and i have them in a shape file. I imported the new
vectors and i want put them into the layer "sugarcane" to update it. My
question is: how can i do it without interfering in the table structure and
without to need create a new table? I tried v.overlay, but it adds new
columns to the new table and a don't want i new table. Then, i tried
v.patch, but this module is not apropriated to do this. It looks like very
simple to do, but simply don't know how.
Help me!!

Thybério Luna - Brazil
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