[GRASS-user] Some question about r.in.xyz and r.surf.idw

Jhon Ortiz eljhonjhon at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 9 19:31:22 EDT 2009

Hi all,

Im working with xyz data, the range of my data is:    min = 0.046000  max = 1.358000

And  I'm trying interpolate with r.surf.idw, but the answer is  "Range of data:    min = 1  max = 1"

I'm working with these steps:

r.in.xyz input="biomarcadores.txt" output="r_bio" method="mean" type="FCELL" fs="|" x=2 y=1 z=4 zscale=1.0  percent=100

r.surf.idw input=r_bio output=r_sup_bio

The problem is when I try work with decimal numbers.

some advice about how I'll work with decimal numbers in this process?

Thanks for your help!!

Grupo Bioestratigrafia - ICP
Bogotá - Colombia

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