[GRASS-user] Some question about r.in.xyz and r.surf.idw

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 11 19:54:54 EDT 2009

Alberto wrote:
> I had the same problem. As Hamish told me some weeks ago,
> "r.surf.idw and r.surf.idw2 only produce CELL (integer)
> maps."
> I solved my problem multiplying the input raster by 100
> (r_bio in your case), then I interpolated with r.surf.idw
> and finally divided once again by 100.

[depending on your needs] r.to.vect + v.surf.rst or r.surf.nnbathy
(from wiki addons) will create a /much/ nicer surface than IDW
methods. this explains why r.surf.idw module development is rather

see also R-stats/grass interface kriging tools and v.surf.idw.
I am not sure if v.surf.idw handles floating-point data or just
integers, but as a total guess I'd say it would create FP output
due to the vector modules generally being more recently written.



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