[GRASS-user] Network analysis: Linear reference system (LRS) - on windows

Helmut Kudrnovsky hellik at web.de
Thu Mar 12 21:00:02 EDT 2009

hi nikos,

>> i'm trying the example for  Network analysis: Linear reference system
>> (LRS) 
>> from http://www.grassbook.org/examples3rd_chapter6.php for the step
>>  # add column to link the route with the bus stop
>> v.db.addtable route1 col="lid integer" (just copied from the website
>> above)
>Most likely a small mistake in the website. Use "v.db.addcol" instead.
>Regards, Nikos

i saw this after sending the mail (it's late) ...

but i tried the example in the manual


#v.db.addcol sentiero_brenta_points columns="slope double precision"

g.copy vect=busstopsall at PERMANENT,sentiero_brenta_points

v.db.addcol sentiero_brenta_points columns="slope double precision"             

     Sorry <double> is not a valid option
     Sorry <precision"> is not a valid option


v.db.addcol map=sentiero_brenta_points columns="slope double precision,myname varchar(15)"

   "C:/OSGeo4W/apps/msys/bin/sh.exe": -c: line 1: syntax error
   near unexpected token `varchar(1'
   "C:/OSGeo4W/apps/msys/bin/sh.exe": -c: line 1:
    map=sentiero_brenta_points columns=\"slope double
   precision,myname varchar(15)\"'

best regards

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