[GRASS-user] Better looking resampling from i.rectify

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 13 03:36:17 EDT 2009

Martin Ceperley wrote:
> It appears that nearest neighbor is the only resampling
> method in i.rectify, are there any methods or tricks for
> getting better looking results rectifying bitmaps? Or other
> programs or tools that do this?

yeah, check out i.warp from grass's wiki addons, which is a front-
end to gdalwarp which will let you chose the method, and is faster
too. the i.warp script embeds GCPs from GRASS's POINTS file into
a geotiff metadata with gdal_translate then does the work with
gdalwarp. (IIRC)

see gdalwarp help page at www.gdal.org

nearest-neighbor is required if input map was paletted instead of



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