[GRASS-user] v.net.iso Performance

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Fri Mar 13 04:51:44 EDT 2009

On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 9:40 AM, Markus Metz
<markus.metz.giswork at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Markus Neteler wrote:
>> I have made more tests today with LRS
>> http://www.grassbook.org/examples3rd_chapter6.php
>> and the results are identical to the pre-fix times.
>> So also the v.lrs.* which I suppose to use the dblib are
>> ok. And pretty fast now!
> AFAICT, the v.lrs.* modules don't use any of the Vect_net_* or Vect_graph_*
> functions. I could also not find usage of any of the dglib functions
> directly (dgl*). So to me it seems that v.lrs.* do not use the dglib. Did I
> miss something?

Uhm, I guess I missed something :) Sorry for the noise.


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