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Wed Mar 18 03:22:15 EDT 2009

Thank you very for your reply!

In fact I mean the "Categories", and what you said is very helpful for my understanding something about the grass though not much.

I think what I am now confusing about the grass is how it describe a map either a raster or a vector (actually the raster is my primacy), in other words what can we get from a raster or a vector map? I had read the manual you mentioned "Raster data processing in GRASS GIS", it says "The geographic boundaries of the raster map are described by the north, south, east, and west fields¡±, but how?? Is there a example?


 I often encounter the following two questions when I use the garss:

1)     The ¡°r.out.gdal¡±. When I try to convert a map to a geotiff, however the image I got is often a black blank!

2)     Some command which can run normally in the garss can not in the cmd in windows with the tips:


C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>r.shaded.relief map=elevation.dem at PERMANENT shadedmap=ttsh altitude=30 azimuth=270 zmult=1 scale=1 --overwrite

'""' neither a internal or outer command nor a executable program or batch file


I have configured the environment variables, and some other commands can run normally such as r.buffe r.info¡­¡­


I have just register the maillists of the grass and how can I directly ask or reply in the web pages  as in a forum?





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