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William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Fri Mar 27 18:34:14 EDT 2009

Yeah, the build instructions online were out of date. I've been  
reorganizing the instructions on the GRASS site, to simplify things  
and reduce confusion, since the up-to-date instructions are currently  
maintained in the source OSX readme.

The readme instructions could be used for Panther for GRASS 6.4, and  
6.4 should work fine on Panther.  For the frameworks, my binaries are  
Panther compatible, but I have build scripts that should work to build  
the frameworks on Panther.  TclTk is easy to compile on OSX, though  
the ActiveTcl might work on Panther.

On Mar 27, 2009, at 4:21 PM, Daniel Farnan wrote:

> At your leisure, please reply directly to my email (as well) - danielfarnan at yahoo.com 
>  - I have not been able to read through all the GRASS User Email  
> Digests I get.
> Willing to do the update of the Source Build Page html wherever it  
> belongs (html/link) - see also below.
> I am running mac os 10.3.9 in a Pismo (PPC Hardware, 100g hd, 384  
> SDRAM, 500mhz).
> I want to work with GRASS 6.3; honestly just want a version which  
> will run pretty smoothly, and so tried the source build instructions.
> I am under the impression that once the correct dependencies are  
> installed in the correct order it does not matter (much) what system  
> I am running as long as there is enough memory.
> After 4.5 hours of searching and downloading per the online source  
> build instructions, I did not have the correct versions. I had  
> previously tried the Panther build from William Kyngsbury with the  
> install script, and got the nad2bin error even when I applied the  
> correction (his documentation was updated since).
> I would be happy to save out the html from the source build  
> instructions and update it with current links if I could get the  
> correct dependencies order and install script. I have been battling  
> uphill with the Pismo/Panther Mac for several years now, and am  
> close to just buying Tiger, but want to better understand the  
> relationships involved in building GRASS, and in using FOSS generally.
> I would also suggest a GRASS/OSGEO user ftp site to save the  
> dependencies for a GRASS (Stable) version as that seems most  
> intelligent for this kind of build (GDAL and Postgres no longer had  
> the 2005 build instruction versions available, and the others were  
> hard to find).
> If it is too much work to source dependencies, order and install/ 
> configure directions, sorry for the length of the email. :-) Daniel
> Daniel Farnan
> http://crowsnest9.tripod.com
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