[GRASS-user] Problem importing TauDEM shapefile

Maris Nartiss maris.gis at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 02:45:12 EDT 2009

Rename columns Order and Drop during import. Reserved words may differ
from one database to other, still I suggest to take a look at MySQL
reserved word list that may help to avoid such problem in future:


2009/3/28 Jarek Jasiewicz <jarekj at amu.edu.pl>:
> Hi
> When I try to import TauDEM shape file I recive the eror:
> create table a (cat integer, LINKNO integer, DSLINKNO integer, USLINKNO1
> integer, USLINKNO2 integer, DSNODEID double precision, Order integer, Length
> double precision, Magnitude integer, DS_Cont_Ar double precision, Drop
> double precision, Slope double precision, Straight_L double precision,
> US_Cont_Ar double precision, WSNO integer, DOUT_END double precision,
> DOUT_START double precision, DOUT_MID double precision)
> Error in db_execute_immediate()
> What wrong is in the table definition???
> Jarek
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