[GRASS-user] v.external and postgres

James McManus jmpmcmanus at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 18:18:56 EDT 2009

I'm trying to use v.external to access vector data in the
postgres/postgis database.  I used shp2pgsql to load the data into the
database. When I attempt to access this data, in GRASS, using
v.external I get the following message:

"Random read is not supported by OGR for this layer"

I do not think this is a problem with OGR, because I use OGR to access
postgres/postgis database, with MapServer and don't have this problem.
 It may not be doing the same thing a v.external, but it is similar. I
can also switch the database from dbg to a merror pg database with
GRASS. I'm only having problems accessing vector data in postgres,
using v.external. Could it be a problem with the vector data I produce
with shp2pgsql? It stores the vector data in a column named the_geom.
Possibly it is looking for another column name? I'm not able to
specify the column name in the v.external.

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