[GRASS-user] ps.map issues

David Kindem dkindem at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 09:05:42 EST 2010


I've run into a problem using ps.map.  I'm trying to output maps that  
have printed successfully before.  The map files overlay several  
vector layers on a fairly large raster image.  In the past, the eps  
files were created in about a minute, and were about 120 mb in size.   
Now, the images take about 20 minutes to create, are over 2 gb in  
size, and will not open.

The problem seems to be with the raster layer.  If I eliminate it,  
the output is normal.  When I add it back, I get corrupt output  
files.  The layer does display properly in GRASS.

It there a way to tell whether the problem is in the raster layer, or  
in the eps processing routines?  I'm using GRASS 6.3.0-2 (Lorenzo's  
binary) on OS 10.4.11.

Thanks in advance,


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