[GRASS-user] Re: Importing of raster data doesn't seem to work through GUI

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 13:57:04 EST 2010


2010/12/5 Chethan S. <chethanuniversal at gmail.com>:
> That python script seems to be useful. However I want my data in a different
> arrangement. I don't know python and it is given that it creates separate
> mapsets for each image. So it is difficult for me to edit that.
> As I have several images pertaining to same year, I wanted them to be in
> separate mapsets like "sat2001", "sat2006" etc. As of now I type one
> r.in.gdal command in the terminal and edit it for further imports using the
> history feature. So I was looking for an easy way through the GUI.

take a look at script available here



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