[GRASS-user] python module under wingrass7

gianluca.massei g_massa at libero.it
Mon Dec 13 17:28:13 EST 2010

Well, excuse me if I was not clear in previous message. I'll try to 
give  more info:
In grass 7 for linux my python module works fine. In wingrass70 I've 
copied my module in %GISSBASE%/scripts but it doesn't works.
I get that message:
c:\Progrm Files\GRASS-70-SVN\extralibin\python.exe: can't open file 
'%GISBASE%/scripts/r.mcda.roughset.py':[Errno 2] No such file or directory'
I've read some precedent post but the suggest solutions works for 6.4 
and in 7.0 I've the same problem.


Il 11/12/2010 20.24, gianluca.massei ha scritto:
> I've wrote a simple python module working in grass 7 under linux (It's 
> only one file). Could anyone help me how can I try it under wingrass 
> 7? Is not clear for me the install  procedure for python module.
> thanks in advance.
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