[GRASS-user] SQL Error using "v.color"

Micha Silver micha at arava.co.il
Sun Dec 19 16:49:42 EST 2010

On 12/19/2010 11:38 PM, Hamish wrote:
> Roy wrote:
>>   I am using the December 19 (2010) build of
>> GRASS 6.4 for Windows. I have loaded a vector map (for a country with
>> approx 20 province boundaries)
> (if you haven't discovered the Color Brewer website yet, it's a really
> nice resource:  http://colorbrewer2.org  I've been meaning to build that
> into an addon script but haven't figured out the program flow yet)
>> with an attribute table that contains a continuous variable at the
>> province level (name of column is `y2009'). Trying to put the `y2009'
>> variable on the map, i begin with defining the color grading to be used
> ...
>>   Doing so I get the following error:
> ...
>> DBMI-SQLite driver error:
>> Error in sqlite3_prepare():
>> near "SET": syntax error
>>   ERROR: Error while executing: 'UPDATE SET hc2 = '0:0:255' WHERE y2009 =
>>         0.094713'
>> ERROR: Processing SQL transaction
> it's missing the table name (often the same as the map name). the
> correct statement would be like:
>   UPDATE pse SET hc2 = ...
>>   Any idea what is creating the error -- or
>> what i am doing wrong? Is there a way to get around this/fix it?
> Micha:
>> I have a suggestion that might fix this problem. The v.colors script on
>> line 209 uses the expression:
>>    grep "^$GIS_OPT_LAYER;"
>> to isolate the TABLE name, and I think that the windows version of grep
>> is confused by the semicolon ';'.
> is that a guess or have you seen that before? I'd never heard of it.
> Actually I wonder if that's needed at all, as the layer number is
> explicitly given to the v.db.connect command.

No, I haven't seen it before. I just fiddled a bit and noticed that with 
the semicolon grep didn't work (shrug...)

> ah, it is. even with layer=1, v.db.connect still shows results for all
> layers.  bug?!
> Roy, what output does the command:
>    v.db.connect -g map=pse layer=1 fs=";"
> give?
> It should looks something like:
>    1;pse;cat;C:\some path\....\mapset\sqlite.db;sqlite
> one option is to change that fs=";" to fs="|" (and the grep to match),
> but the main problem is that v.db.connect is outputting for all layers
> when we told it to just report for one of them. solve that and the grep
> isn't needed. why the grep might not like ';' on Windows is a mystery to
> me.
> Micha:
>> Please locate the script (should be under %GISBASE\scripts)  and open
>> it in an editor. Then replace line 209 as follows:
>> (original)
>> TABLE=`v.db.connect -g map="$GIS_OPT_MAP" layer="$GIS_OPT_LAYER" fs=";"
> | grep "^$GIS_OPT_LAYER;" | cut -f2 -d';'`
>> (change to:)
>> TABLE=`v.db.connect -g map="$GIS_OPT_MAP" layer="$GIS_OPT_LAYER" fs=";"
> | grep "^$GIS_OPT_LAYER" | cut -f2 -d';'`
>> (just remove the ; from "^$GIS_OPT_LAYER" after grep)
>> Let us know if this works.
> beware that if v.db.connect was reporting a layer more than 10, then ^1
> without the field separator would catch all layers 1, 10, 11, 150, etc,
> ie anything starting with a 1.   (for those reading along at home the "^"
> in there means "at the start-of-line")
More than 10 database connections? I don't want to go there ;-)

> Hamish
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