[GRASS-user] SQL Error using "v.color"

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 19 17:07:58 EST 2010

> >> I think that the windows version of grep
> >> is confused by the semicolon ';'.
> No, I haven't seen it before. I just fiddled a bit and
> noticed that with the semicolon grep didn't work (shrug...)

shrug. I've just changed it in 6.5svn to be "|" instead of ";" with r44633.
if that works we can backport to 6.4

> >  even with layer=1, v.db.connect still shows results for all
> > layers.  bug?!

no, not a bug. layer= needs to default to 1, and the print commands need
to default to printing all layers. so printing ignores layer=, and the
flag descriptions do say "all".

> More than 10 database connections? I don't want to go there ;-)

well that doesn't necessarily mean that layers 2,3,4,5,...,9 exist.
Someone might want to base the layer number on some category or other
local need; sequential starting with 1 is just common convention, but not
a requirement. There's no reason someone might not have 50 layers for a
single map. e.g. I think imported DXF data might end up with something
like that, VMap0 (digital chart of the world) data too.



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