[GRASS-user] Labels On Maps

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 1 08:29:54 EST 2010

Micha wrote:
> Along this line, may I make a feature request/suggestion?
> In the wxpython gui, when I setup the display options for a vector 
> feature, the choice of which column to use for the labels is on one tab,
> but the display=shape,attr,cat etc is on another tab. Even tho' I know 
> this, I've found myself often selecting the the attribute column, and 
> forgetting to enable display of attributes, then wondering why the 
> labels don't display.
> Is it possible to auto-magically enable display=attr once an attribute 
> column is selected for labeling?

In general those are the generic automatically generated module GUIs so
fancy tricks are out. However we could move display= to the Selection tab
for a bit more visibility I guess. Although it's stretching the definition

or even make it Required=YES so it gets on the first tab (I don't like
abusing that if we can help it, but in this case you might be able to
make a case that display= something should always be set).



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