[GRASS-user] Attribute table combination

Lyle E. Browning lebrowning at att.net
Fri Jan 1 19:23:57 EST 2010

I'm trying to combine several attribute tables into one, or failing that, get them into GRASS so that they can be queried. Is there an idiot level explanation of how one takes a shape file and combines it with several disparate attribute files such that one can then bring it into GRASS and wreak havoc on the resultant dataset?

I have an archaeological site with over 800 discrete features, for which there are multiple Excel files that exist for various artifact attributes. What I want to do is combine the whole works so that I can create maps that show which features have the artifacts that I wish to show, thereby enabling further analysis into spatial relationships, etc.

Thanks for your forbearance to the totally newbie questions.

Lyle Browning, RPA

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