[GRASS-user] Uploading bounding box of vectors to database?

Christian Kaiser Christian.Kaiser at unil.ch
Tue Jan 5 12:28:38 EST 2010

Hi everybody,

I would like to do a very simple thing:
upload the bounding box for each geometry (areas, boundaries, lines) to the attribute table.

v.to.db does not seem to provide this functionality. Is there an elegant way for doing this?

Of course, I could write out the map using v.out.ascii in standard format, parse this file using Python and extract the bounding box for each geometry this way. Is probably not very elegant, but could lead to a working Python module.

Or would it be more useful to implement this functionality in v.to.db? (I did never program in C with GRASS, but maybe, I could try with some help...)

Thank you for any suggestion.

Christian Kaiser

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