[GRASS-user] visualizing transit times as a map layer

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Sat Jan 9 13:13:16 EST 2010

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> Hello grass users - I've got a beginner level question for you.
> I've generated a csv file containing latitude, longitude, and transit time
> to a location in the Boston metro area. I'd like to load this file as a map
> layer and visualize it as a heatmap-style visualization.
> How do I get started with GRASS to do such a thing? Is it possible to import
> this type of file, or is there a step I have to do (rasterizing?) prior to
> starting with GRASS?
> thanks!
> -James

Use v.in.ascii (file/import vector map) to import the points. Then use any one of the several interpolation routines to create a continuous surface from the transit time values (eg, v.surf.rst, r.surf.bspline, v.surf.idw - raster/interpolate surfaces [using vector points]). Read the online help for each module to see how they work and which is best for your purposes.


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