[GRASS-user] Running Grass Remotely

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Mon Jan 11 17:29:54 EST 2010


you can easily tunnel X11 over ssh, just add -X. I am doing that
routinely (note the capital X).

ssh -X myserver

Then run GRASS as usual on the remote machine and all monitors,
windows will come over locally.

When using VNC, I prefer to install
which is WAY faster than common VNC. My startscript for the server contains:

xhost +localhost
x11vnc -sloppy_keys -shared -remap DEAD -forever -loop2000 -bg -auth
/var/run/xauth/A* -ncache 10 -display :0
xhost -localhost

Then I use the related VNC client provided by Karl Runge on the client
server. Works great even over very slow connections.

Hope this helps,

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