[GRASS-user] ps.map and line style

Vincent Bain bain at toraval.fr
Tue Jan 12 09:10:58 EST 2010

Yes Hamish, this is what I was planning to do in the end.
If I go this way, I'll probably have to implement an 'angle' attribute
in order to align my point symbols on the line direction... Will give it
a try too,

thank you,

Le mardi 12 janvier 2010 à 02:57 -0800, Hamish a écrit :
> Vincent wrote:
> > in a map composition I need to draw contours with two
> > particular
> > linestyles:
> > - a line bedecked with crosses: ----x----x----x----x----
> I suspect for that you might have to use the v.lrs modules or
> v.to.points to make points along the line at a regular interval,
> then display them over the top with a vpoints command. Perhaps
> there is another way though.
> Hamish

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