[GRASS-user] r.patch: GRASS-6.5svn

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Fri Jan 15 11:44:30 EST 2010

   I have 9 raster elevation files that cover the entire state. When displayed
simultaneously there are obvious mis-matches along the edges apparently
because of different hight ranges. Yesterday I attempted to create a single
DEM map for the entire state using r.patch.

   These are the steps I followed:

   MAPS=`g.mlist type=rast sep=, pat="dem*"`
   g.region rast=$MAPS
   r.patch in=$MAPS out=demOR

Then I went off and did other things for a couple of hours.

   There was a warning about inability to write line 24nnn (I forget the
exact line number), and when it was finished and I tried to display the
whole new map, only the top portion (I'd estimate the top half) was present.

   Should I do this in slices (3 maps at a time), then patch the results into
a single map? What might cause the results I saw?


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