[GRASS-user] GLOBCOVER import and manage

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 20 02:24:51 EST 2010

Gilbert wrote:
> if I use 2 or 3 IKONOS images with different coverage, can I use
> the same location to "IMPORT"?

sure. the common thing in a location is the projection settings. for
example a location might be called "lat_long_wgs84" which could contain
maps from opposite sides of the world, just as long as they are both
based on the same lat/lon coordinate system/datum (axes).

> Uhm but for instance if my IKONOS image only
> covers part of my region, will my IKONOS image will be
> rewritten. into my GLOBCOVER location, with region
> resolution (1km) instead of my IKONOS resolution?

before running r.proj to bring in the IKONOS image from its native
imported projection-location, run g.region with the res= option in
the destination mapset to set the current mapset's working resolution.
Maps within the same location & mapset can have completely different
resolutions and spatial coverage, only the map projection has to be
the same.

> PS- You are right. Georreferencing usually is a
> huge pain in the XXXX. I Guess this is a solid
> methodology...

well at least I can defend our admittedly awkward method with a straight
face and something that sounds somewhat plausible ;-)

btw, the new r.proj code to show what the destination region will be
without having to use the v.in.region trick has today been committed to
the development branches. maybe it still wants to be a few cells bigger
than what that bounding box reports, time & testing will tell.



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