[GRASS-user] GLOBCOVER import and manage

Gilbert Ferrara gilbertferrara1974 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 08:06:03 EST 2010

Hello Amish. Just a few and last small questions regarding this matter.
>In practice I would guess most local datasets would fall into
>less than 10 CRSs, allowing for some reuse of locations.
You are probably right. But for instance if I use 2 or 3 IKONOS images with
different coverage, can I use the same location to "IMPORT"?

>> By the way, If my IKONOS data has a smaller
>> coverage than my Defined region, what will happen to my
>> IKONOS image? will it be stretch to cover all defined region
>> or it will remain with the same coverage, number of
>> cols/rows and pixel resolution?
>If source raster data is outside of the target region it'll
>get cropped*. Data will be written at the current region

Uhm but for instance if my IKONOS image only covers part of my region, will
my IKONOS image will be rewritten. into my GLOBCOVER location, with region
resolution (1km) instead of my IKONOS resolution?

About your tips, I will I apply these and see if it runs smoothly.

PS- You are right. Georreferencing usually is a huge pain in the XXXX. I
Guess this is a solid methodology...

Thank You Amish

> Hamish
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