[GRASS-user] Coastline extraction

Matteo Toro ciccpaol at libero.it
Fri Jan 29 10:13:58 EST 2010

Hi everybody,

I'm using an SRTM .tif file and a vector file (from vmap0 dataset) to clearly define a region.

On the srtm i filled the voids with r.fillnulls, but on the coast the data are no clear and coastlines are not real at all. The sea depth as well is completely "crazy", and I really don't need it!

Since i have got the vector file of the coastline, is there any way to tell grass to execute the command r.fillnulls just until the coastline?

I tried something converting at first the vector file of the coastline into a raster, and then i used the mask command, but I am not able to get the results that i need.

Many thanks!

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