[GRASS-user] r.fillnulls error

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Mon Mar 1 03:35:24 EST 2010

2010/3/1 Hamish <hamish_b at yahoo.com>

> maven apache wrote:
> > When I use the r.fillnulls command to resample a map:
> > r.fillnulls input=aa output=ab tension=40 smooth=0.1
> > It show me that: taking too long to find points for
> > interpolation--please change the region to area where your
> > points are. Continuing calculations...
> >
> > What does it mean?
> It means you should read the fabulous "NOTES" section of the r.fillnulls
> man page.  ;-)
> (the warning is harmless in this context, ignore it)
> Hamish
> ps::devs- use r.to.vect -zb in the r.fillnulls script? v.surf.rst doesn't
> need them and it could save a lot of memory etc if lidar data with many
> holes is thrown at it.
> Oh, thanks, I see it.
However what perplexing me these days is to call grass in command line model
in windows platform,forward a message:

I want to run grass in a command line model, however when I write a bat,it
works just for 6.3 version , and some command can not work for example I can
run g.version ,rather than r.fillnulls.
The grass variable bat is :
@echo off

rem *******Environment variables***********

rem Set GRASS Installation Directory Variable
set GRASSDIR=F:\anzhuang\GRASS

rem set GISBASE=D:\GrassDataBase

set GISRC=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\.

rem Set Path to utilities (libraries and bynaries) used by GRASS

set PATH=%GRASSDIR%\msys\bin;%PATH%
set PATH=%GRASSDIR%\extrabin;%GRASSDIR%\extralib;%GRASSDIR%\extrabin;%PATH%

rem Path to the proj files (notably the epsg projection list)

And I write a work bat :
output=aa location=al
g.gisenv set=LOCATION_NAME=al
g.region rast=aa
r.null map=aa setnull=-1.267e+30--1.268e+30
r.fillnulls input=aa output=ab tension=40 smooth=0.1
r.out.gdal input=ab format=GTiff
It does not work,.
I wonder why?

In fact what I am trying to do is to call grass in my web application(like
the web processing service),now I want to handle the hdf5 data,the following
is my idea:
1) use gdalinfo to get the information of the he5,(the gdal model in grass
6.3 does not support this command, the 6.4 support)
2) change the subdataset to geotiff, use gdal_translate
3) import the tiff to grass and create a new location according the tif
4) log in to the new location use g.gisenv
5) set some sepical cell data to null by using r.null....
6) Interpolation the null data using r.fillnulls.
7) export the map to geotiff.

So anyone can give some advise?
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