[GRASS-user] Move points to nearest feature in a different layer

"António M. Rodrigues" amrodrigues at fcsh.unl.pt
Mon Mar 1 06:38:18 EST 2010

Dear GRASS users,

I'm having some problems trying to find a way to snap/move all points  
from one layer to the nearest node in another layer.

I found that with v.distance, I can find distances to all nodes in the  
desired layer (the information is in the output window, although I  
haven't figured out yet how to manipulate this).

Also, v.edit has a move and a snap option, although I believe the  
module expects some input like coordinates, not the name of another  

So, I'm guessing that the solution will probably involve working with  
these two funcions, but I haven't figured out how

Perhaps I'm just looking in the wrong place and there is a function in  
GRASS that performs this "snap to another layer" in one go.

I'm sorry if this is kind of a beginner question...
Thanks for any help.

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