[GRASS-user] Features Extraction

ab der abderdar at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 10:54:08 EST 2010

Hello I'm ab.derdar
I'm new to the Grass-user list, although i've used GRASS GIS for past 4
i'm interrested in :
        - road extraction from satellite images
        - remote sensing
        - geophysical application of GIS

well i've read as much as i can from this list archive about my topics
of interest
but seems like apart from zero-crossing edge detection (i.zc) there is
not much feature detection modules in GRASS

i have made a handful of scripts (i'm not good yet with C to make a
module for them) that revolves about features extraction
and i would be happy to share them :
        - some Gaussians (and derivatives) convolution masks
generators ( to be used with mfilter)
        - edge extractors scipts (Sobel,Canny ...)
        - some template based feature exctrations (Duda Operator ..)
i'd hope to post those scripts but i don't know how or where to post them
if someone is interesed in this topic pls contact me asap
i'm warning you i'm that i'm not an expert in Geomatic
i'm just an average IT profesionnal
so don't expect an accurate implementations of said operators and

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