[GRASS-user] How to embed a grass script (for example v.db.addcol) into a Pythonscript on windows?

Sonja Jankowfsky sonja.jankowfsky at cemagref.fr
Wed Mar 3 11:09:20 EST 2010

I'm writing a python script which calls different grass functions.

import os
import grass.script as grass
grass.run_command("v.build.polylines", input='ditch', output='ditch_1', 
cat='first', overwrite=True)

this all works nice. But, when I try to call a grass script

grass.run_command("v.db.addcol", map='ditch_l',  columns='urban')

it tells me that "" is not recognized as command intern.
I'm using the winGRASS 6.4. standalone version. I guess the problem is 
that the scripts are in shell language, compared to the .exe files of 
for example v.build.polylines.
So, does anybody know how to call a shell script with python under 
windows? Or do I have to include somehow the translated scripts of GRASS7?
I'm running the python script with eclipse.
I'm happy about any hints.

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