[GRASS-user] ps.map: One Script Works, One Doesn't

Dave Kent dkent at sasktel.net
Tue Mar 9 22:35:28 EST 2010

I am having a similar, perhaps related problem.

I have a raster image overlain by a series of vectors.

ps.map fails erratically.  

If I remove the raster, it works.

If I remove v.legend, it works.  (legend only for vector features)

If I make one specific item in the legend as -- lpos 0 -- it works.

When all are present in the script, it fails.

When I try to make a  pdf with Distiller, the "offending error" is a long numeric string approximately 100 digits long.  I opened the postscript file in a text editor and the long string seemed to be associated with the legend.  After editing the string, I could open the postscript file.

In other mapsets, things work fine.

The problem appears to be associated with the legend.  i have no idea why there is any link with the raster image.

Mac, Snow Leopard, Grass 6.4RC3, Mr. Kyngesburye's binaries updated today.


On 2010-03-09, at 6:19 PM, Rich Shepard wrote:

> On Tue, 9 Mar 2010, Hamish wrote:
>> text 77% 30% Slope (Degrees)
>> ( and ) need to be quoted like \( and \).
> Hamish,
>  Actually, they don't. Originally I had the string in quotes and those
> printed, too. The above prints quite well.
>  As I wrote to the list, I isolated the problem to the base raster map.
> Regenerating that fixed the problem.
> Thanks,
> Rich
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