R: Re: [GRASS-user] Input raster map is outside current region

ciccpaol at libero.it ciccpaol at libero.it
Thu Mar 11 08:34:44 EST 2010

Hi ,

thanks Micha for your help! I tried the steps you suggested me, but they didnt 
work properly; after trying that, i found an article about that
that is more or less the same you suggested me. 

Working those steps, I finally got the right region extent. In fact when I'm 
inside the target location and I'm displaying the reprojected raster map, the 
coordinates values shown on the bottom of the page are right, but I can't see 
the map! The page is all blank.

>What you do here is:
>- go back to the source location and run
>v.in.region out=src_region
>This creates a vector polygon of the bounds of the current region.
>- now switch to the new, target region and do
>v.proj location=<src_location> mapset=<src_mapset> in=src_region 
>to reproject that rectangular polygon to the target region . Next run
>g.region vect=tar_region
>And the region in your target location should match where the raster 
>wants to be.
>- Now try your r.proj comand

>Micha Silver
>Arava Development Co.  +972-52-3665918

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