[Fwd: [GRASS-user] r.cost vs. costallocation (arcgis)]

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Mon Mar 15 10:21:23 EDT 2010

António M. Rodrigues ha scritto:
> Allocation surface / grid: a raster whose value of each cell is the code of the nearest target. Example: 
> If the possible targets are hospital 1 and 2, each cell in the allocation surface will contain values 1 or 
> 2, depending on which is the nearest hospital.

> I was surprised r.cost didn't provide this information (allocation surface), since this is quite standard 
> output when using this methodology with arcinfo (using a function called costdistance); but yes, I'm 
> quite sure there must be a way of doing this in GRASS.

If I understand correctly, you just need to calculate several cost maps (you can do
that in a loop), and use mapcalculator for this (function MIN).
Would this do?
All the best.
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