[GRASS-user] Question about the use of d.vect.thematic

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 19 00:04:20 EDT 2010

Thomas wrote:
> Thank you for your response and the suggestion about making
> a code change. This issue really caught me by surprise — I
> guess I was airing my frustration. Also, it's not *that*
> difficult for me to simply change my data type in my sqlite
> table. Should I submit this to the 'bug' list? What's the
> best way to handle this for others that follow?

Is "real" an official SQL data type or is it a result of SQLite's
"anything goes" approach?

RedHat's SQL docs indicate there are a number of numeric types that
we don't check for:


are those "official"? should we support them all? (probably with a
case|esac call in the shell script)



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