[GRASS-user] High resolution dem

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 19 08:36:55 EDT 2010

> > Frank Broniewski wrote:
> >> My region is 17.000 x 13.000 cells wide (5m horiz.
> >> resolution). So my
> > that is getting big, but shouldn't be too bad. except
> > perhaps for v.surf.rst (and r.fillnulls which uses it).
> >
> > hmmm... I wonder if it would speed up r.fillnulls & save
> > lots of memory if we added the no-table and no-topology -b
> > and -z flags to the r.to.vect step in it?
> This requires that v.info reads without topology. I have
> locally backported the changed from MarkusM and modified
> r.fillnulls.
> Result: as slow/fast as before.

how about memory usage?

> A real alternative is to use v.surf.bspline rather than
> v.surf.rst which will be way faster.

I guess we should start by offering that as a flag in r.fillnulls.



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