[GRASS-user] OS MasterMap to GRASS

Leedal, David d.t.leedal at lancaster.ac.uk
Tue Mar 23 14:22:51 EDT 2010

it works! well almost...
Thanks, I worked through each tile returned from MasterMap using v.in.ogr I now have a number of separate  vector layers making up my map. No labels or colours - is this right? 
Can I combine tiles to a single layer or is this not advised?
Looking forward to linking with R where I do know what I'm doing!

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David wrote:
> This is very newbieish but I just can't find an answer out
> there. I've got Ordnance Survey MasterMap data in GML format
> downloaded from EDINA. Is there a nice way to load and
> display this data in GRASS? Or has anyone come across a
> step-by-step guide to doing this on the web?

Sure, GML is a vector format known to OGR, 

so you can import it with the v.in.ogr module.

see  http://grass.osgeo.org/wiki/Importing_data

good luck,


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